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Browser and Operating System Requirements
RadReview currently supports the following browsers:
Browser Platform
Firefox Mac and PC*
Safari Smartphones, Mac and PC
Chrome Smartphones, Mac and PC*
Internet Explorer PC Only
RadReview supports the current and previous major releases of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on a rolling basis. RadReview will support the current and previous major releases of Internet Explorer.
*Firefox and Chrome are set to automatically update in most instances
Display Support
How much of the page you see depends on your monitor screen resolution. We recommend viewing at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 for the best results.
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  • Realistic ARRT Radiography exam prep for your students, including access to 1,800+ questions with detailed answer-explanations, written and reviewed by radiologic technology experts and covering all content categories on the latest exam blueprint
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  • Customizable practice tests, including by topic and test mode
  • In-depth performance reports and study plans to track individual progress
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Password Help
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking the "I forgot my Password" link on the Sign In page and entering your e-mail address or username.
Or, contact Online Customer Service by email at or by phone at 1-888-307-5984 [toll-free, U.S. only] or 1-614-759-3663 [outside the U.S.] between 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time to confirm you have the correct username and password.
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Site Functionality
How can I clear my question history so that I can start with a clean slate?
On your My Profile page, you can select to clear your performance data by clicking "yes" to reset your account. Once done, the system will reflect all questions as unanswered and your performance history will be completely erased.
How can I make sure that I see all of the questions in the database?
Make sure to select "Unanswered" as your question type from the Create Your Own Quiz page. Then, when you select questions by learning objective, you'll be able to calculate the number of unanswered questions remaining in that learning objective. Choose some or all of those questions for each learning objective until there are none remaining.
Why am I seeing the same questions more than once?
The suite of sites uses adaptive technology, which creates a customized study plan based on your skills, your time, and what you need to learn to maximize your score. The questions item are not delivered randomized; they are delivered adaptively based on your specific proficiency and responses. If you are seeing questions more than once, the platform has determined the questions are from your weaker learning objectives.
I think I found an error in a question. What do I do?
The questions in the suite of sites undergo extensive editing. You can report content issues by clicking the "Report Content Errors" link underneath each question item.
Methods of Access
The suite of resources offers a full range of access options for institutions, including:
IP Authentication
Institutional subscribers submit their network IP ranges to McGraw-Hill Medical during subscription setup. These ranges are verified and loaded into the system and all users coming from inside the range are automatically provided seamless access from any IP-authenticated computer.
Referring URL/Domain
Institutional subscribers can place registered links to our site(s) behind their secure login (for example, a library site that has already validated a student). The institution must register the domain and URLs where the links are placed with McGraw-Hill Medical during subscription setup. These links will then automatically and seamlessly log the user into the site(s) every time they are clicked.
EZproxy Configuration
Remote access to the Access resources via EZProxy requires EZproxy 2.4c GA (2004-03-21) or later combined with this database definition:
T [Insert Site Name]
U [Insert Site URL]
DJ [Insert Site Domain]
For example, the database definition for RadReview would be as follows:
T: RadReview
Athens Authentication
If you have an Athens Organization ID that you would like to register, please email us at
Admin Username/Password
The welcome email you received at the beginning of your subscription contained the username and password you can use to access the site remotely. If you are unable to locate this email, please contact and ask them for your username and password.